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Avoid Mistakes: New Countertops in Orange County NY

new countertop installation orange county nyTop Mistakes When Choosing New Countertops

Is it time to upgrade the countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your Orange County apartment or home? Congratulations! Now, the real work begins: choosing the right material, finish, size, and so on for your space that will meet your expectations and needs.

First of all, make sure you have a budget in mind and a clear vision of what you’re hoping your new space will look like. If you’re making the investment in new countertops, it is important that you really like what you choose so you’ll be happy with the finished product. There are a lot of options out there, which is why the team at Hudson Valley Kitchens is here to walk you through your choices, and the pros and cons of each, to help you make the best, most educated decision possible.

Here are some of the biggest countertop mistakes people can make.

  • Unrealistic expectations. There is a lot we can talk about here. Let’s start with expectations about seams. If you’re just putting countertop on a small area, it is realistic to think we can find a slab of granite or whatever material you choose without needing a seam. However, if you are redoing an entire kitchen, the truth is there will likely be seams. However, good contractors have the ability to seal and really reduce the visibility of the seams during installation.
  • Not looking at samples. Don’t just look at small samples in our shop, take them home and put them in the room where you are thinking of making the countertop change. You might get the sample home and realize it doesn’t look good against the color or design of your cabinets, the current flooring, or something else in your home.
  • Not considering edges. Do you have little children running around your home? If so, you might want to rethink your original plans for pointy, 90-degree edges. This is another reason to check out samples, and take them home.
  • Selecting a porous surface. Believe it or not, different stones have different levels of porosity. For example, it’s common that the darker the granite, the less porous it is – but the lighter you go, the more porous the surface. So, if you’re selecting granite for a bathroom, for example, be sure to ask about less porous options.

There are also a lot of reasons to consider hiring a professional contractor, like Hudson Valley Kitchens, to help you with purchasing and installing your new countertops. For starters, we can ensure all the measurements for every surface are correct, and walk you through every option you might want to consider. After all, once that stone is cut – no matter what it is – there is no going back!

Plus, our technicians are well trained on how to install granite, seal seams, and so on. Granite and other stones are very heavy, and dropping them could not only mean kissing your beautiful new countertops goodbye, it could also damage your floor, or injure someone.

When time comes for new countertops, give Hudson Valley Kitchens a call!

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