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Choosing a Reputable Contractor: Kitchen Remodel Horror Stories

We recently stumbled on a rather crazy website where people detail their contractor horror stories. Of course, Hudson Valley Kitchens is nowhere to be seen among the horror. In fact, we’ve helped correct poor workmanship by contractors (or frauds) that have turned the excitement of a kitchen remodel project into a total nightmare. We have seen it all – from shoddy work, to incomplete jobs, to contractors skipping town with a client’s money before ever lifting a finger to do any work.

We’ve blogged a lot about choosing the right counters, cabinets, and other finishings for your kitchen remodel. So with this blog post, we thought we would have some fun and share some of our favorite horror stories we have read about online. Again, none of them are Hudson Valley clients, but these stories strongly explain why it is critical that you do your homework before choosing a contractor to remodel your Goshen home!

kitchen remodel goshen, kitchen remodeling goshen, remodeling contractor goshen, kitchen remodeling contractor goshenContractor Can’t Measure

Correct measurements are the foundation of any good remodel, right? Well, imagine your contractor sending in incorrect measurements for things like the cabinets and the sink! One homeowner reported having cabinets sent to them twice – and both times they were the wrong size. Plus, they somehow ended up with a sink the size of what you would find in an RV. The poor homeowner was forced to cook her family’s meals in a turkey roaster and do dishes in the bathtub for weeks while everything got {finally} straightened out.

Ripped Off

This is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence and scam, especially after natural disasters where a community might have a major need for contractors to make home repairs. One family hired a crew who said they could only work in the evenings, but after just two weeks of work, they never showed up again. Fortunately, this family was paying the crew as the work was being complete – so they had not paid in full. However, they were left with quite a mess on their hands and had to start over with a new company.

Baby Can’t Wait!

Imagine the excitement of deciding to remodel your kitchen ahead of the birth of your first child. You start the project during the first month or so of the pregnancy, thinking that gives you plenty of time for it to be complete before the bundle of joy arrives! Well, one couple recounted their horror story involving every nightmare in the book: incorrect cabinets, incorrect wiring, incorrect appliances, and even hair being sealed in the clear coat on their beautiful new hardwood floors.

The week before the baby was born, the couple had to hire a reputable contractor to come in with a crew to get everything fixed.


Okay, this isn’t kitchen-specific, but it is too good not to share. After a hail storm, one family hired a contractor to fix their roof. However, they somehow managed to seal in a raccoon! The family reports that the poor animal died – and started to stink. When the company was confronted about the problem, they said they don’t do animal removal, so the family was out of luck… and so was the raccoon.

The Lesson??

The lesson here is to do your homework before choosing a company to remodel your kitchen – or any part of your home.