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5 Ways to Update your Kitchen this Summer

Kitchens are undeniably the heart of today’s homes. They are a place of gathering and laughter. The memories you make in yourKitchen Design Monroe Kitchen Remodel Monroe New Kitchen Construction Monroe kitchen will be ones that will last forever. This is why you want your kitchen to look great and be a space that you wouldn’t mind bringing your friends and family into. Even if you aren’t wanting or just don’t have the budget for a complete and total kitchen makeover, installing a couple trendy updates will bring the feel of your kitchen to the next level. Hudson Valley Kitchens has all the information that you need.

  1. Gray is the New White

There are so many options when it comes to deciding what color to do your cabinets. Whether you decide you want a wood stain look or a paint job, the opportunities are endless! However, the kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers are saying that while white cabinets still hold the lead, it is predicted that a nice shade of gray will take that top spot.

  1. Keeping it Simple

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, it has become a trend to keep it simple, but using the proper aesthetic to give your kitchen that 21st-century vibe. Keeping your kitchen neutral creates endless decór opportunities and also gives you the power to switch it up whenever you want.

  1. Storage Maximization

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be incredibly huge and spacious to be a hot commodity in your home. With the right design, small kitchens can be trendy and beautiful, while still being the heart of your home. The downside to a smaller kitchen is less storage space. Having enough storage space can be an issue even in the largest of kitchens. With this comes the latest and greatest in storage maximization. From double tiered drawers to folding cabinet doors, there are always options when it comes to maximizing your storage space.

  1. Black and White is Timeless

The initial design of the modern day kitchen is always evolving, but the classic black and white palette will always look great in any kitchen. Black and white create incredible contrast while keeping it neutral and open for endless ways to decorate. This palette also has a way of opening up your kitchen and making it feel more spacious than it is, not to mention brings the initial feel of your kitchen up about a hundred notches. For these reasons and more, the black and white trend is just as popular now as it was 40 years ago.

  1. Automation

Adding a little automation to the kitchens of today is the latest trend, and we understand why! Technology is advancing every day, so why not bring some of that technology to your kitchen? From automatic sinks, fans and lights to meat thermometers that alert your phone when dinner is done, there are endless ways to bring automation to your kitchen. Making some of the elements of your kitchen hands-free (i.e. automatic sinks, lights, fans, etc.) will not only be efficient and convenient but also help keep your kitchen a little cleaner and safe from sticky hands.

Kitchen designs are ever changing and evolving, but don’t worry! Here at Hudson Valley Kitchens, we stay up to date on the latest trends so you don’t have to! But that’s not all, we can also install any or all of these modern trends into your kitchen plus so much more! If you find yourself in need of a kitchen update, Hudson Valley Kitchens is here to help!