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Celebrating National Kitchen and Bath Month

It should come as no surprise that we spend a lot of time in our kitchens and bathrooms.  Most families prepare, eat and cleanup all three meals in their kitchens. Also, we spend an astonishing average of 813 days in our lifetime in the bathroom!  Therefore, it is only fitting that we designate a month […]

Preparing for the Season of Harvest

Preparing for the Season of Harvest The leaves have started changing colors, getting ready for the change of seasons.  Autumn is coming and bringing with it a time of change and a season of Harvest. Aside from Pumpkin Spice Lattes and spooky decorations, fall is a time to harvest the seeds we’ve planted and enjoy […]

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Kitchen Remodeling: Advantage of Hiring a Professional

We all get excited at the idea of having an updated, newly remodeled kitchen and that excitement can tempt us into tackling the project on our own. After all, it is going to save time and money, right? More often than not, taking the do-it-yourself approach to a kitchen remodel can end up costing more […]

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5 Ways to Update your Kitchen this Summer

Kitchens are undeniably the heart of today’s homes. They are a place of gathering and laughter. The memories you make in your kitchen will be ones that will last forever. This is why you want your kitchen to look great and be a space that you wouldn’t mind bringing your friends and family into. Even […]

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Why YOU Should Hire a Professional for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to any kitchen project, it can be easy to think that doing it yourself will be cheaper and take less time. However, this isn’t always the case. Hiring a professional contractor will save you time and money while bringing expertise to the project. They will relieve you of all the hassles and […]

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3 Cool and Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2017

2017 has brought many things this year. In the world of Custom Cabinets, there are some really fun trends going on that can make your kitchen pop out with pizazz, or lay back in a subtle light. Hidden Appliances Who doesn’t like hidden features in a home? Having hidden appliances can give your kitchen a […]

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Choosing a Reputable Contractor: Kitchen Remodel Horror Stories

We recently stumbled on a rather crazy website where people detail their contractor horror stories. Of course, Hudson Valley Kitchens is nowhere to be seen among the horror. In fact, we’ve helped correct poor workmanship by contractors (or frauds) that have turned the excitement of a kitchen remodel project into a total nightmare. We have […]

Top Countertop Mistakes: Colors, Installation, Cut & More

In our last blog, we talked a bit about countertop mistakes to avoid in general – with every home remodel and upgrade project. There are a lot of decisions to make during the process too; many colors to coordinate, surfaces to consider, finishes to choose, and the list goes on and on. Thankfully, these are […]

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Avoid Mistakes: New Countertops in Orange County NY

Top Mistakes When Choosing New Countertops Is it time to upgrade the countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your Orange County apartment or home? Congratulations! Now, the real work begins: choosing the right material, finish, size, and so on for your space that will meet your expectations and needs. First of all, make […]

15 Popular Kitchen Design Trends

White, gray, black, blue; granite, marble, concrete; the world of kitchen design is overflowing with more options that ever. Just as clothing styles change often, so do interior design trends, especially where kitchens and bathrooms are involved. Hudson Valley Kitchens has seen and done it all in homes in the Newburgh area! If you’re thinking […]