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Preparing for the Season of Harvest

Preparing for the Season of Harvest

The leaves have started changing colors, getting ready for the change of seasons.  Autumn is coming and bringing with it a time of change and a season of Harvest. Aside from Pumpkin Spice Lattes and spooky decorations, fall is a time to harvest the seeds we’ve planted and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

When harvesting your tomatoes, pumpkins or potatoes it is important to make sure your kitchen is ready to deal with the influx of yummy food you are about to receive. There are two important steps you can take:

Keeping Your Area Clean and Efficient

One of the first steps in keeping your kitchen clean and functional is making space.  You can declutter your space by:

  • Investing in organizers such as spice racks, clear containers & cabinet bins that can save you hours of time digging through stuff just to find the paprika
  • Having a drawer organizer system to make sure every dish, bowl, fork spoon & well everything…has its place in your drawers.
  • Putting labels on your cabinets & pantry with what goes where so that you & your family can keep your kitchen tidy.

Also, owning kitchen appliances that help your kitchen function efficiently will make your life easier.  Look for dishwashers that have an express wash cycle and a clean water wash system to remove food particles from wash water.

Make Sure Your Food Can Stay Fresh

Planting a garden takes time & hard work.  Once your fruits & vegetables have grown and are ready for harvest, you want to make sure your refrigerator is working so that your food stays as crisp as possible for as long as possible.  Below are some signs that your refrigerator might not be working properly:

  • Excessive water on or in your storage containers
  • Your fridge is warm to the touch
  • Your food is going bad quicker than it used to
  • You can hear your fridge running

You don’t want the fruits of your Harvest going to waste!  Properly storing your fruits & vegetables is important which means you need a refrigerator that fits your needs. If you are unsure what appliance will fit your needs and budget, you can call us at Hudson Valley Kitchen Design.  We would be happy to help.

Even if you are not ready to change your refrigerator just yet, here are some other helpful tips:

  • Make sure you understand which fruits & vegetables belong in the low-humidity or high-humidity drawers
  • Do not store anything that cannot handle warmth on the door
  • Do not store bananas, garlic, onions, potatoes and tomatoes in the fridge
  • Organize everything so that the items you commonly use are visible

We’ve Been Doing Some Planting as Well & It’s Harvest Time!

Exciting things are happening all around…

If you haven’t already heard, Hudson Valley Kitchen Design is proud to welcome new owner James Bruyn! Bruyn will be lending his design experience to help create a fresh atmosphere that will allow our customers to benefit from even more exciting design services!  We cannot wait for our customers to reap the fruits of this Harvest.

What seeds do you need to Harvest? While the holidays may seem distant, they will be here before you know it. Planting seeds for a re-designed kitchen now will help make your holidays fun and stress-free. You won’t have to worry about having no room to prepare your Christmas cookies or slaving in the kitchen cut off from all other festivities.  You’ll be able to enjoy sleigh bells ringing alongside your guests!

Need more tips preparing for your season of Harvest?

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