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3 Cool and Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2017

Kitchen Remodeling2017 has brought many things this year. In the world of Custom Cabinets, there are some really fun trends going on that can make your kitchen pop out with pizazz, or lay back in a subtle light.

Hidden Appliances

Who doesn’t like hidden features in a home? Having hidden appliances can give your kitchen a more open, inviting feel. It can also simplify the space, making any kitchen seem less cluttered and cleaner. Feeling less than ecstatic about stainless steel appliances? Don’t worry! You can hide your appliances away behind a nice cut of white wood, or a wall with an earthy chalk finish!  Garbage disposals, dishwashers, and even ovens can bow out of the kitchen with a graceful cabinet door.

Mixed Finishes

2017 homeowners are opting out of the boring, monochromatic schemes and replacing that outdated idea with some brilliant mixed finishes. Kitchen appliances are no longer just white, black, or stainless steel. The new appliances are taking on accessories of gold and copper, along with other finishes. Adding the appliance colors to the handles of your custom cabinets will tie your kitchen together and give it a classic, clean vibe. Mix these in with a mosaic or painted backsplash and you’ll have a gorgeous kitchen and the envy of every neighbor on the block!

Quartz Countertops

Granite was a fun trend to add to custom cabinets in Hudson Valley. But a much more fun trend is Quartz Countertops. Include quartz countertops with Raisin or Blackstone finished Crystal custom cabinets and your kitchen is going to scream elegance. Unlike granite and marble, quartz countertops have no channels and require no sealing. It is also very stain resistant making it a much more economical purchase. It looks stylish with custom cabinets, too!

Dark, Dark, Dark

Though lighter colors tend to make a space look more open, dark wood and dark finishes are all the rave right now. Ditch the Arlington finish and pick up the Amber Luminaire or the Bombay finishes from Decora. These gorgeous colors will fit into a new or remodeled kitchen and put off an ambiance you’ll never want to leave.

Get Decorative

Ditch straight shelves with straight corners and straight lines! Embellish your custom cabinets with some decorative panels, antique-style moulding, deco glass, and accents. Adding some curve and texture to your custom cabinets takes away the stuffy feel of a room and adds poise and friendliness. These small additions are going to make your room the gathering point of any event in your home.


Don’t forget to get picky about the hardware added to your custom cabinets. Nothing can throw off the feel of a room faster than old gold colored hardware on beautifully accented doors and drawers. Pick out something rustic, or classic! Or even add some color to the room with pearl or teal knobs.

Don’t worry about standing out too much! Standing out is a great trend for 2017 and Hudson Valley Kitchens is a great place to get some well-rounded feedback and advice on the best custom cabinets for you!