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Top Countertop Mistakes: Colors, Installation, Cut & More

granite-464x341In our last blog, we talked a bit about countertop mistakes to avoid in general – with every home remodel and upgrade project. There are a lot of decisions to make during the process too; many colors to coordinate, surfaces to consider, finishes to choose, and the list goes on and on. Thankfully, these are all reasons Hudson Valley Kitchens is here to help. We can walk you through all the options and choices, and help you pick finishings you love that also fit within your budget.

So, let’s talk specifically about mistakes to avoid when considering granite countertops.

Measuring Incorrectly

You do not want to have incorrect measurements for your countertops. This can be a very costly mistake either resulting in too much granite – or too little. If you do measure yourself, double check all the dimensions very carefully before placing your order.

Worrying about Thickness

Granite has just a couple different standard widths. Varying from those norms for something thicker may mean you get two slabs of granite glued together, and we are guessing that is not what you want. Thickness really shouldn’t be much of a concern when you’re choosing the right granite for your home.

Putting Color above Quality

This is like picking out a new car because you like the color, and completely ignoring its mechanical makeup. Quality of the granite you choose is critical. If you have your heart set on something bright or vibrant, be sure to choose an option that is not exceptionally porous. The more porous the granite, the more you will pay to maintain it over time, and the shorter its lifespan will likely be. Darker granite, overall, tends to be less porous and also does a better job of reducing the appearance of spills and stains.

Foregoing an Under-mounted Sink

It is pretty commonplace to have a sink mounted beneath a granite countertop, and have the holes for the sink cut out to the exact right proportions. However, there are people who have tried to cut costs by doing a top-mounted sink like you would see with a linoleum or more basic counter surface. We really don’t recommend this route as it will be very hard to keep areas around the sink clean, and away from the sink seal.

Not Sealing the Countertops

One of the important steps to granite installation is having the surface sealed. Have you ever noticed the underside of granite countertops isn’t quite as shiny and smooth? That’s because it has not been properly sealed like the top surface should be.

Using Cleaners that Damage the Sealer

Please think twice before grabbing that bottle of Windex to clean your granite countertops! Certain cleaners, especially those with harsh chemicals, can strip the sealant right off, and make your counters appear dull. For routine, every day cleaning, some mild dish soap and a clean washcloth will do just fine. There are also cleaners specifically made for granite that are safe for routine use.

Not Enjoying Them!

Okay, so we just gave you a lot of things not to do … but here is what you should do: enjoy them! Granite is overall a very durable countertop surface, and will serve you well for some time once installed properly, and well maintained!

If you are in the market for new custom countertops or even if you want to start a kitchen or bathroom redesign project, contact Hudson Valley Kitchens today.

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