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Do Your Research: Kitchen Renovations

Now that Summer is gone, the majority of us will do some sort of remodeling project because of the cooler weather in Goshen. Getting the idea to do your kitchen renovation is the easy part. The hard part about your renovation is being able to find the right contractor to do the job for you and be able to have your project come out like you imagined. To help you with your success on your renovation, follow these simple steps when trying to find the right kitchen renovation contractor for your project.banner-1

Getting your Referrals

Before you even begin your project, you need to be able to find the right kitchen renovation contractor for the right project. The best way to go about this is asking around by word of mouth. When trying to find the best renovation contractor, you can ask people you personally know to get a true response for how they liked their contractor Most times, someone that you know has done a similar project close to you and could refer you to their renovation contractor. The best place to begin is by asking your friends, family, or you can even ask your neighbors in Goshen. Be sure to ask if they would use that same renovation contractor again and find out what they would do differently with their project

Doing your Research

Once you have found your referrals, you should do some research about those contractors. A great start could be going to their website, making a phone call, or even heading over to their office to talk one on one. Double check to make sure that the renovation contractor that you plan to use has all the required licenses to do the project right. It never hurts to do some research on your own to know what is required for your project as well.

Similar Projects

When picking your contractor, see if he/she has a case study to show you their previous work they have done. You can then try to find some similar examples close to the project you are planning to do so you have an idea on how well they can handle the situation. Often times they will post pictures of their projects they have done online as well.


At this point, you should have a couple of kitchen renovation contractors in mind that you are wanting to. You should set up a time with each of them and have a one on one conversation to get to know the contractor. Here below are some great questions to ask when interviewing your contractor:

  • -Does he/she carry insurance to protect you from liability?
  • -How long has he/she been in business?
  • -Does the remodeling contractor have a trustworthy reputation among others?
  • -Has he/she earned any professional designations or awards?
  • -Does the contractor have a great relationship with other contractors such as electricians and plumbers?

Get it In Writing

After you have selected the kitchen renovation contractor you want, Don’t hesitate to look over the documents he/she has provided for you. Double check everything to see if it seems fair and balanced for each of you. Here is some information you should always look for in the legal agreement:

  • -Bid price and payment scheduling
  • -Specifications for the project
  • -Expressed warranty
  • -Site plan
  • -Schedule on construction tasks

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