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7 Stylish Kitchen Renovation Ideas



Looking for some ways to spruce up your kitchen but just don’t know what to do? Here are a few ideas on what you can do to liven up your kitchen and give it a fresh, modern look!

Open up your shelves

Do away with the classic closed cabinet look. Instead, replace your cabinets with shelves and provide some display space. This can make your kitchen feel a little larger. Keep in mind you will want your shelves to be about eighteen inches over the cabinet.

Don’t forget about your ceilings

It is easy to focus all your attention on many of the more noticeable parts of your kitchen. But, don’t forget to look up. Your ceiling is a subtle way to greatly improve the look and feel of your kitchen. A simple design in the ceiling or a change in color scheme can have a big impact.

Built-in storage

Build in a couple different storage places throughout the kitchen that will create a unique, aesthetic appeal. There’s no need to just shove everything in the pantry when you could use some storage idea to actually make the kitchen more functional as well as look nicer.

Spice things up

Let your creativity shine through your spice cupboard! Do away with the boring store bought containers the spices come in. Be unique and use different kinds of jars and containers that match the style and theme of your kitchen. If you’re really feeling creative, create your own containers to put the spices in. As you do this, utilize all the room you have so there isn’t any wasted space and everything is easily within reach.

Get the message

Paint a chalkboard for yourself. You can use painter’s tape to protect the rest of the wall and then use charcoal paint to have your own personalized chalkboard. You can put short, inspirational quotes or messages on it, reminders for yourself, or what is on the docket for dinner that night. This is another simple, yet beautiful way to liven up your kitchen.

Make yourself and island

A simple, stylish island adds a lot of character to a kitchen. It will require a little more intensive remodeling but when done right is totally worth it.  An island provides for a great workspace, easy storage, and an additional place to eat.

Utilize open space

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of open space in your kitchen. Most people have the notion that every foot of extra space needs to be used for something. However, there is beauty in simplicity. In fact, you can make your kitchen feel bigger and more inviting by just simplifying and utilizing your open space.

There are many creative options for enhancing the look of your kitchen. Hopefully, these ideas can give you some direction as to what you can do to update your kitchen. If you are ready to talk more about more comprehensive kitchen renovations we’d love to talk. Hudson Valley Kitchens in New Hampton, New York in ready to help you with the process. We are committed to helping you build or renovate your kitchen to what you have always wanted it to be! Whether the updates you are looking for simple updates or you are ready for a whole new kitchen these changes can be exciting and make a big difference in the feel of your kitchen space.

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