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7 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

timberlake-photoThe saying goes “home is where the heart is” – but shouldn’t it really say the kitchen is where the heart is? It’s the heart of every family gathering, every holiday, and a plethora of memories. It is also the #1 selling point in homes, and can mean the difference between a day on the market and months on the market.

If you’re considering remodeling the kitchen in your Orange County home, let Hudson Valley Kitchens be the first to say “Cheers!” And before the actual remodel begins, there are seven things you should know to avoid during this process – because no matter the budget, the timeline, and the resources, it is likely there will be a few times this is going to get a little stressful! Although we will do our best to minimize that, and give you the kitchen of your dreams!

The DIY approach. There are so many shows and YouTube videos out there today on all sorts of home DIY projects. The truth is, however, that kitchen remodels are tricky and it is important to have a very concrete plan and measurements in place before any actual work begins.

Invest in the small stuff now. If you are considering add-ons like pantry pullouts or other organizing innovations, spend the little extra now to avoid spending big bucks later on down the road.

Think about your cooking process. How do you move about your kitchen? How are you comfortable? Where do you prefer your appliances to be situated in relationship to your prep area? While you can certainly adjust to a workflow in a shiny new kitchen, maintaining the basics of your original workflow can make the new kitchen that much more enjoyable.

Counter space! Do not allow yourself to be disappointed by a lack of counter space when all is said and done! There are ways to easily extend your counter space!

Ditching the budget. The #1 sure-fire way to not enjoy your new kitchen is to toss your budget out the window and end up miserably in debt or feeling broke in your new space. A budget is essential to any remodel project, and a kitchen redo can be done on just about any budget. Just like buying a house, decide what features are most important to you – and what you can live without for now and potentially add later. Using a professional kitchen design company means a plethora of choices for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and so on – including something beautiful at every price range.

Choosing appliances last. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as picking out a glorious new stainless steel fridge, only to discover it doesn’t fit into the opening left by the new custom cabinetry. You can run into similar problems with every kitchen appliance, so pick your new gear out at the start of the redesign process so counters and cabinets can be properly made to fit.

Not having fun! Seriously, you’re getting a new kitchen!! What is better than that?! Stick to your budget, and enjoy the process knowing you’ve hired a kitchen design company who has been doing this for years and has nothing but top-notch results that will leave you feeling like the next Giada De Laurentiis or Gordon Ramsay in your kitchen.

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