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Why Your Counters Should be Updated


traditional-kitchenIf you are looking to update your kitchen you may find yourself asking these simple questions.

What can I do to increase the functionality of my kitchen? What can I do to bring my kitchen up-to-date? How can I make my kitchen more vibrant? What will it take to increase the value of my kitchen?  The answer to all of these questions is a simple one, start by updating your kitchen counters. Whether you are looking for a simple facelift or looking for a complete overhaul, your kitchen counters are a central part of your home’s appearance.

When it comes to replacing your kitchen countertops, there is a wide variety of options. The process can be a little daunting; countertops range from popular granite to the more expensive glass and terrazzo. Our countertop experts at Hudson Valley Kitchens have chosen six of the most popular countertop materials to help you find the right countertop for your kitchen.

Solid Surfacing Countertops are made up of acrylic and polyester, making these countertops nonporous and virtually maintenance free. When burned or scratched solid surfacing can easily be sanded down. You can choose from virtually any pattern and color you desire. Solid surfacing is seamless so you won’t see any cracks for dirt or debris to hide. Solid surfacing does have a downside; it has an artificial look and feel that can get expensive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGranite Countertops consist of beautiful colors and patterns that can be found in nature, making these countertops unique. Granite is quite durable and can stand up against water stops, knives, excessive heat, and every day wear and tear. Keep in mind that granite is a stone and just like most stone countertops, granite must be sealed to prevent stains. Granite countertops can get heavy so you want to make sure your cabinet boxes are sturdy and can support the weight.

 Marble Countertops have distinctive veining and a bright luminescence making it an extremely popular choice. Marble stands up to heat and remains cool to the touch, making it a top choice for baking and pastry stations. Marble countertops are one of the most elegant looking surfaces you can get. Unfortunately, marble is prone to staining, even if it has been properly sealed. Most homeowners only use marble in small sections of their kitchens because it tends to scratch and chip over time.

Quartz Countertops are made of resin and quartz chips tinted with the color of your choice. Quartz is a good compromise between the easy maintenance of solid surfacing and the natural beauty of stone. Quartz does lack the natural variegation of granite, making it evident that it is an engineered material. If you don’t mind giving up the natural appearance the durability of quartz is well worth it.

Tile countertops can be made of ceramic or porcelain materials and can offer a wide variety of colors and designs. Tile can work with any style of kitchen, ranging from today’s modern look to the warm rustic look. Tile can be quite durable and hold its own against burns and sharp blades. When the tile starts to chip or crack it can easily be replaced. The downside of having tile countertops is having to deal with the grout staining and causing bacterial growth when not properly cleaned. Rolling out dough or using a cutting board can be a little challenging on the tiles uneven surface.

Stainless Steel Countertops are mainly found in commercial kitchens and can be custom made to fit kitchens of any size. Stainless steel is nearly indestructible and is great for high traffic kitchens. Bacterial growth and heat are not match for these countertops. Unfortunately, stainless steel countertops are high maintenance and need to be constantly wiped down to remove fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning chemicals can affect the color of your stainless steel countertops and can even cause etching. One of the biggest complaints we have heard about stainless steel countertops is the loud noise they make as pots and pans are moved around.

Are you looking for a countertop material that wasn’t mentioned in our list? Do you have more questions on remodeling your kitchen? Let’s talk! Our professionals at Hudson Valley Kitchens are ready to hear from you! Get the 411 on kitchen redesign and wake up to the kitchen of your dreams!

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