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What to consider when renovating a bathroom

So your ancient toilet (with the mismatched toilet seat) has finally flushed its last flush. Your tile grout is chipped, and the starfish stencils on the tub floor are a worn-out reminder of kids’ bath time and the occasional “wash the skunk smell out of the dog” moment.

It might seem simple: A toilet, a sink, and a tub. The bathroom is that necessary room, which allows us a private place to take care of business.


However, as we become a more sophisticated society, a toilet, a sink, and a tub aren’t enough. We now look to be pampered, massaged, soaked, soothed, and given permission to take time for ourselves. With careful thought and guidance, a well-planned bathroom remodeling project can offer just that.

Before all that, as you contemplate a bathroom renovation project, stand in the doorway of your existing bathroom and take a look. Now, walk inside the room, slowly turn around, and feel the space. Use your peripheral vision to think about what’s missing, what you need, and what you want in your bathroom.

After you’ve done that, here is a short list of things to consider in a custom bathroom renovationbathroom renovation:

  • How many people must the room accommodate?
  • How old will the people using the room be?
  • How much storage space do you currently have nearby?
  • How are the pipes in the room currently laid out?

If you’d like to add to this list some options for customization, consider this:

  • What is the feasibility of plumbing upgrades?
  • How big is the room?
  • What design options are available for vanities, cabinetry, toilets, sinks, faucets, or storage?
  • Do you need special features (such as a tub for two or a shower with wheelchair accessibility)?

When you add all of those together, the typical bathroom renovation might seem like a daunting experience. But chances are you’ve been doing inadvertent homework reading home improvement magazines or on Pinterest.

You’ve clipped out pictures, created your boards, pinned your pins, and you might already have your bathroom’s style captured in your mind’s eye. But there is more to consider.

If you typically have a stressful, busy day – one filled with meetings, carpooling with the kids, or commuting – a spa-like bathroom could be designed as a relaxing, day-end retreat.

Cabinetry in your bathroom remodeling project can go beyond the vanity. For people with space limitations, design can add crucial storage. A bathroom designer will know how to incorporate optimal storage with additional cabinetry such as linen closets, toilet toppers, integrated hampers, and medicine cabinets.

Toilets are available in one-piece, two-piece, wall-hung, or motion-activated varieties. Toilets come in all sizes and heights, too. You can install a toilet with an integrated bidet, which adds extra functionality but doesn’t take up additional floor space.

Want to add some luxury to the shower? Go for multi-angled body sprays, showerheads that flow like waterfalls, ceiling mounted showerheads raining gently over your body, handheld shower massagers, shower benches, or glass shower doors. You can even pick out tile design patterns, like framed art, that will invite luxury into your remodeled bathroom.

Now that you’ve given thought to the project, your once-short list has become a long list. It becomes prudent to enlist the expertise of a bathroom designer. You can talk through your concerns, desires, and present your ideas to the professional designer.

A good designer will know vanity and cabinetry construction. They’ll know the best quality countertop materials to use in the bathroom. They’ll be able to incorporate style and function into the design of your bathroom. And they’ll be able to do it while conferring with the plumber and builders to create a design that will fit – with plumbing that works.

Your designer will work hand in hand with the professional installers to remodel or build a bathroom customized to you, your family, and guests.

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