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Think “apples to apples” when comparing kitchen quotes

The rule of thumb when seeking prices for any major endeavor is to gather at least three quotes.

For instance, let’s say you’ve put 200,000 miles on your car since you shopped at the dealership; it’s seriously time to buy a new car. So you research, decide on your new car, and start visiting car dealers to compare options and find the best price.

The same method is used for purchasing appliances or a plane ticket to Florida. Compare the options and get the best price. It is apples to apples.

With kitchens, unlike cars, you can’t simply buy new tires, change the oil, and keep the old clunker moving.

There are many reasons to remodel your kitchen – and many decisions that come with that choice. Maybe you’ve decided a newly remodeled kitchen is the answer to cluttered counters, overflowing cabinets, and canned goods being stored in odd, out-of-reach places.

What do you see when you look at a newly remodeled kitchen? Cabinets, counters, an island, backsplash tile, flooring, strategically placed lighting, 21st century appliances.

That’s what your eye sees as it snaps a picture like a camera lens.

However, to get to the newly remodeled kitchen, you’ll need help. A design professional must first work with you to design the new kitchen space. They’ll incorporate all the material selection choices you made – along with the “let’s make life easier” options – and they’ll keep your lifestyle, design aesthetic, and budget in mind.

The groundwork for a successful kitchen remodel should only be done with an accomplished kitchen designer, one who is knowledgeable in all things kitchen related and can design the whole kitchen package inspired by you, the client.

To understand the quotes you’ll get, let’s take a look at all the variables that make a kitchen project unique.

All kitchen designers are not the same
A kitchen designer should, without question, interview you to get to the heart of your expectations. They should visit you in your home, take pictures and take measurements prior to design, and meet with you again to discuss or edit the details.

In turn, you should interview the design professional, too. That will help you understand the designer’s expectations and credentials.

All cabinets are not the same
There is a selection of wood species, panel design choices, construction features such as full or partial overlay doors, hidden hinges, plywood versus furniture board construction, self-closing drawers, art glass, and moldings.

Add to this list the many options available that you will be deciding on as you embark on your quest for a newly remodeled kitchen.

All countertops are not the same
There is a selection of granite, quartz, Silestone, concrete, stainless steel, hardwood butcher block, laminates, and tiles to match your style and needs.

All floors are not the same
There is a selection of tile, standard oak hardwood, exotic hardwoods, corks, and laminates.

All lighting is not the same
Gone are the days of the incandescent light bulb or the (dare I say it?) florescent light. Today, it’s all about energy-efficient LED lighting. Your design professional should be able to incorporate a lighting design – whether it is recessed lighting, under-cabinet or inside-cabinet lighting – or add workstations for today’s tech savvy homeowner.

Be prepared for an energetic endeavor when you make the decision to embark on a kitchen remodel.

Become an educated consumer, learn the terminology, ask questions, gather information, and then take the time to compare job quotes “apples to apples”.