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Knobs, handles can bring accents to a new kitchen

You’ve chosen the cabinets, the wood species, and the design. You’ve chosen the countertop, the color, and the edge. You’ve chosen the flooring, the material, and the pattern. You’ve chosen the appliances, the function, and the style.

But there’s a quick step in a kitchen or bath remodeling project you might be missing.

Think about it this way: When you get dressed for work or a party, you might finish your look with the “bling” of earrings, cufflinks, or a watch. Your kitchen gets its “finished” look by adding the bling of handles and knobs. In the industry, these design components are otherwise known as “decorative hardware”.

It comes in vast arrays of finishes, styles, design intricacies, materials, and sizes. It offers endless creative possibilities. Essentially, there is no right or wrong decision when selecting the decorative hardware. It comes down to your style aesthetic. It’s about flair.

And it can take you anywhere. For example, handles, knobs, and even heat registers come in traditional, classic, contemporary, minimalist, or art deco.

There are a few questions to ask when shopping for decorative hardware, too – not all of them design-related. What is the ease of manipulation? If you have large fingers or petite hands, will they fit comfortably when grasping a handle or knob? Is the decorative hardware size proportionate to cabinet size?

Your kitchen design professional can guide you in the decorative hardware selection process, but online sites, such as, also offer valuable information.

In the end, the decorative hardware could become your signature on your newly remodeled kitchen or bath.

So feel free to express yourself through your choice of decorative hardware. After all, it’s the combination of design, function, and material.