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Home remodeling projects can help clear clutter

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

So you’re sipping a cup of tea and watching “Love It or List It”. You’ve guessed correctly which house this week’s contestant will choose. And it gets you thinking. You start to peruse your surroundings, wondering how to create more space at home.

First, clear the clutter: the piles growing on your kitchen countertops, coffee table, vanity top, and laundry room floor. That mess spills from the closets – hiding a mystery of what fills the back.

Stuff. So much stuff you’ve forgotten what you have. So much stuff you buy more just to replace the old stuff. Before you know it stuff takes over your space, your time, your wallet, and your head. So much stuff so little space … or so you think.

Once the Herculean task is completed and the clutter cleared, things start to look better. You’ve filled the donation bags, even and found a handbag that’s considered “retro-chic” (somehow it is back in style). Now you can get a bird’s-eye view of what you are working with.

Is the bathroom where your “clutter battle” is being fought and lost?

The accoutrements in the bathroom are no longer limited to soap, toothbrush, and a razor. With style and grooming comes lotions, creams, sprays, dryers, curling irons, hot rollers, brushes, combs, Waterpiks, scales, and the list goes on. More stuff. More clutter.

To keep storage in mind when considering a bathroom remodel, think about this:

  • The number of people using the bathroom
  • The size of the bottles, tubes, and jars
  • The electric gadgets and matching outlet locations

Already, even before you start, there are a plethora of options out there. Cabinetry can include:

  • Vanities with doors and drawers
  • Under-counter drawers
  • Linen closets with a removable hampers
  • Door racks and adjustable shelves
  • Hanging wall vanities with a towel bar
  • Vanity pullouts
  • Countertop hutches and medicine cabinets

A design professional can add any of these to your plan.

Can’t find the countertop in the kitchen?

It’s amazing how our ancestors cooked in one large cast-iron kettle hanging over an open flame with the catch of the day roasting on a spit. Yet here we are with our vast collection of utensils, pots, pans, appliances, and gadgets – each one of them intended to make our life easier. We’ve run out of space to store it all. Like with the bathroom, you’ll have to clear the clutter. Target the duplicates, donate that never-used avocado slicer, and find a new home for the chipped china.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, keep in mind how you use your kitchen:

  • Are you a cook, a baker, a barbecue master?
  • Do you entertain or grow a garden and can the harvest?
  • Or is your kitchen a showpiece, rarely used?

Answers to these questions will determine the core of your kitchen remodel. A baker will appreciate cabinetry equipped with tray dividers and storage for the KitchenAid.

The cook and the canner will make use of the pot filler faucet mounted conveniently on the back of the range wall. And what makes entertaining easier than an under-counter beverage cooler?

Pullouts, a corner lazy Susan that spins for easy rear access, toe-kick drawers, and a tricked out pantry make storage efficient and clear the clutter. A design professional knows which features will help you organize your home.

Is clutter making laundry a pain and closet space hard to find?

Does the laundry room have bottles of detergent, bleach, and softener sitting on top of the dryer? How many times have you tripped over the pile of dirty clothes littering the floor?

Recessing the washer and dryer into cabinetry that houses overhead shelves and wall cabinets will transform the predictable laundry space. It can make the tedium of doing laundry way more efficient. If the space allows, a utility closet, hampers, sink, pull-down folding table, and ironing board can be added.

Some de-cluttered spaces may just need tweaking. Installing closet organizers will retool a “one rod” closet by adding shelving, drawers, cubbies, and extra rods – thus creating efficient use of space. Of course the closet size will determine how many and the type of organizational accessories that will fit your space and lifestyle.

A design professional knows how to plan for your laundry room and free up closet space, too.

Organize the stuff in your life and you’ll gain more space, spend less money, waste less time, and clear your head.