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Do You Want to Make a Change?

Does this sound familiar? Your kitchen has been the center of life for your family through babies, adolescents, and teens. The kids have left to live their lives and the quiet is deafening. As you pour yourself a cup of coffee you hear the not so soft hum of your refrigerator, you notice the knick in the vinyl floor, and with your finger you trace the circle of a stain on the laminate counter where one of the kids built a science project.

Aside from a paint job every five years and new curtains on the window over the sink, the only other change to your kitchen is wear, brought on by a much used, much loved center of your family’s life.

Do you want to make a change, remodel, renovate, decorate, rejuvenate? I’m not saying change is easy. Change can indeed be daunting, even challenging. But challenge is good for the soul, and since the kitchen is the heart of  the home why not take on the challenge?

I know what you’re thinking. Where do I begin?

Well, just as if you were buying a pair of shoes your budget will be a factor. While a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps can make a woman swoon there are other less costly brands that can offer an impact to fit your budget. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware, flooring the choices are vast and there is a price point to meet almost every budget.

With many kitchens having the same footprint, you have free reign to instill your personality into the design of your kitchen through texture, color, lighting, appliance choices and placement.

Wouldn’t it be nice to grab a chilled bottle of wine from an under cabinet beverage cooler, to have pullout cabinets that optimize storage, or a countertop that is essentially antimicrobial, stain resistent, heat resistent and beautiful to behold.

Still feeling daunted? Enlist the expertise of a kitchen designer.

You want someone who will listen to your needs and desires, pull out your personality & instill you in the design. Afterall, once the project is completed you are the one who will be utilizing the space.

You want someone who knows product. For example, wood species, finishes and cabinet construction.

You want someone who can create an efficient flow and use of space.

You want to be part of the process, understand the process, accept the process and be 100% happy with the result.

Do you want to make a change, remodel, renovate, decorate, rejuvenate?

Do it!