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Builder’s Blitz 2012

Miracle on Chambers Street, Newburgh ‘Builder’s Blitz’ homes complete

By: Venise Toussaint

Newburgh Habitat for Humanity and the Builders Association achieve their “Builders Blitz” goal. As YNN’s Venise Toussaint tells us, two excited families receive the keys to their brand new homes, much sooner than usual.

NEWBURGH, N.Y. — It’s being called the miracle on Chambers Street. In just five days, two homes were built from the ground up. They’re now being dedicated to two very deserving families.

“This is the first home I have ever owned and I’m very happy,” said new homeowner, Moises Santiago.

“We all are so excited, we can’t believe it,” added Bridget Cordero.

The project is called a “Builder’s Blitz.” Newburgh Habitat for Humanity, along with the Builders Association, set an ambitious goal of building the homes within a week. With the help of 600-700 volunteers, some of them working 14-hour days, the vision came to life.

“What drives me to do it is just making new friends, new bonds and just giving back,” said Angelo Ferranto, volunteer and Builders Association member.

An outpouring of gratitude was shown at the dedication ceremony where the Santiago and Codero families were handed their keys.

“Thankful, my whole family is thankful too,” Cordero said.

The Blitz is a national initiative. This week 200 homes around the country were built for some pretty excited families. Builders say a project of this size would normally take between three to four months.

“It’s just been a tremendous joy to watch this happen and to know the difference that it’s going to make in the lives of the families that are going into this home,” said Cathy Collins.

“It means a lot as a family, it means a fresh start and a new beginning for us,” Santiago added.